More answers from the live stream... @ET Hi Suze! Can a surviving spouse collect their spouses Social Security even though they’re married less than 10 years thanks My Response: You bet they can. The 10 years only comes into play in divorce you have to have been married for at least 10 years to collect on your ex-spouses Social Security. @reevers When I have an estate plan and die with a Mortgage can the new successor trustee assume the mortgage payment? My Response: When you own a home in a living revocable trust you will designate who is to get that home upon your death. You also might want to leave money in the trust so the beneficiary of that home is able to pay for the home. Otherwise what will most likely happen is the house will be sold if the beneficiary can’t afford to keep the home. But while the house is in trust obviously the mortgage payment will be paid from the proceeds that are also in the trust and the trustee will oversee that. @carlockkeith I may not have income for a while should I really max out credit cards first before using any cash saved? My Response: Yes especially if you do not have an eight-month emergency fund. Please make sure that you have a very low interest-rate or the lowest you can get on the credit cards that you have if you’re going to do this. @deletedmember With the high cost of long-term care insurance is it worth it to buy if I’m 63 my husband has cancer so there’s a chance I may be alone in the future and I have no kids? My Response: It totally depends. Because you need to be able to afford long-term care insurance from the age of 63 all the way till at least the age of 84 which is the average age of entry into a nursing home. It makes no sense to get it and then in five years have to give it up because you can’t afford it anymore. If you can afford it the nation's expert, in my opinion, is Phyliss Shelton and you can get her at and you might want to contact her and talk to her about it. Just so you know I DO NOT get a referral fee. @Marguerite I purchased your Must have CDs years ago and I couldn’t figure it out and went to a lawyer. I need to update my docs - can I use this document plan to update or should I work with my lawyer to update. My Response: The great thing about my Must-Have Documents is that once you purchase them you never have to purchase them again. You have a very very old set if you’re using the CD ROMs. The new one that we are now offering is all online, you are guided through it and it takes about an hour to complete. Please contact the people below and they will Verify that you purchased the old ones and then give you an activation code so you can download the new ones. Give them a try and if you can do them great and if not for whatever reason go back to the attorney. For assistance with the must-have docs go to or email @Mariam What are your thoughts about investing in gold? My Response: I like gold but I would not be putting more than 5% of my Investable assets into the metal. @marciarobinsphone We are going to sell our house and live in our RV for a few years where should we put our home sale money to keep it safe until we are ready to buy another house? My Response: Money that you’re going to need in a few years should not be invested in the stock market. So if you’re talking about buying a new home in less than three years, I would just keep the money in a savings account at a credit union or a high-yielding bank account online. @tildy17 My in-laws sent us a letter yesterday handwriting their wishes. I laughed and said well I’m going to send them with my Suze documents. My Response: That’s good because written instructions are not going to hold up in court so the paper that they wrote it on is worthless. @deletedmember4 How do I attack debt on my credit report? It’s in collection right now. My Response: Here is the problem once the debt is more than 90 to 120 days past due and it’s on your credit report - even if you pay it off it is not going to help your FICO or credit score on any level. Before you ever pay off debt please make sure that it is not past the statute of limitations for your state that you live in. For if it is, you legally do not owe that money anymore. But if you make a payment on a debt that is past the statute of limitations, the statute of limitations will start all over again. @Aiko I want to move 12,000 from Vanguard target fun to Vanguard total Stock fun what’s the best way to do this? My Response: Just call Vanguard or your brokerage firm wherever it happens to be held, most likely you’re going to have to sell your target-date fund and buy into the total Stock market index just that simple.

Posted by Suze at 2020-05-09 16:41:45 UTC