Your questions, my responses continued! @deletedmember I have family members who have been laid off and furloughed. I am fortunate to be able to still work from home should I help them out financially if it will put me in a worse financial situation. My Response: This is a hard question to answer because when you have some money and others do not, I know you feel the temptation to help them. However, if you what you say is true that it will put you in a worse financial position, then I would not help them at this point in time. @ssykes01 I'm divorcing wondering if I should add my adult children on the title of my home? My Response: Please don’t add your children to the title of your home. It might be one of the biggest mistakes that you make! Please get the Must-Have documents and leave the house in trust for them. @Buongiorno I’m planning on retiring in Sicily… As crazy as it sounds… Would I still need the Must-Have forms? My Response: Not if you’re going to be moving very shortly they are not valid in Sicily. But if you’re going to be here for another six months, a year or two years you bet you should get them. @elwynda3 What do you think about the F fund in the TSP? My Response: At this point in time I actually like the G fund better than the F fund. @promosjean How secure are the must have documents nervous about putting in my personal info? My Response: No need for you to be nervous about your information. The program does not ask you for any personal information whatsoever. You do not put your Social Security number, or your bank account numbers, and things like that, it is just your wishes of where you want your assets to go and who is to take care of you if you can’t take care of yourself. @janet1 Trying to figure out how to get the MHDs notarized during the lockdown? My Response: You can search for a mobile notary online, they will just come to your house and you can do it outside in a distancing format. @Melba Is TIAA QREAR OK? I have 14% in it historically very stable. My Response: I personally think real estate is going to take a hit in the next month or two or three so up to you but just know real estate is not my favorite investment right now@deletedmemberr47 I’m 72. Retired. Invested in stocks through T Rowe price should I shelter in 100% cash fund now? My Response: Hard for me to say because I don’t know exactly what you are invested in right now, but if you have at least five years or longer until you need this money I think you should be OK. It’s going to probably get a little rocky here, but by February of next year, everything should be pretty much great. MORE post.

Posted by Suze at 2020-05-09 14:20:58 UTC