Yesterday there were a lot of questions I wasn't able to answer live. So now, I am going to post a response to those questions. It will take me a few posts... @viridianaavila Do you recommend asking Postpone mortgage payment even if you have not been laid off? My Response: It depends If they are going to allow you to put your mortgage payment on the back end of your mortgage versus where it’s all due and payable in three months from now. But if they will add it onto the back end of your mortgage and if you do not have an eight-month emergency fund this would be a great time to start creating one or adding to one if it isn’t at eight months. @deletedmember What do you think about Internet ETC - FDN My Response: I actually love FDN @catnhat44 I think it’s difficult to justify asking for a postponement of my mortgage when I’m still working. I don’t have an eight-month emergency fund maybe three months. Thoughts? My Response: As I answered in a question previously above if they will allow you to postpone for three months but where it is not due and payable in full at the end of that time, and you do not have an eight-month emergency fund, this is the perfect time to take that money and put it towards the emergency fund. There is nothing wrong with doing that! @jlamothe0908 Is it worthwhile to subscribe to the Motley Fool? My Response: Depending on how active you want to be and how many years you have till you need this money, personally I find the Motley Fools newsletters to be incredibly helpful. ....more responses coming in the upcoming posts!

Posted by Suze at 2020-05-09 14:05:42 UTC