Must Have Docs update Since the new MHDs has been relaunched so many of you have written in with questions So here is what you need to know If you already finalized/notarized your docs - you can keep them as is, there is no requirement to update them, they are still valid. But if you ever do want to update your docs for whatever reason, you will be able to do so through the new streamlined program through your normal login. Whenever you update or change already notarized docs you have to have the updated docs notarized and witnessed again. That has always been true If you bought the must have docs before, but didn't finish - you will automatically get access to the new program when you use your normal login. You just need to follow the program prompts once you log in. However if me more suggestion I’m thinking the easiest way to get all your questions answered efficiently and within legal compliance would to go to the Help Center in the program (where you can live chat, email, etc) or by contacting the Must Have Docs Support Team at: Hope this helps!

Posted by Suze at 2024-06-03 15:59:33 UTC