Two things June 5th the 18 month CD at Alliant Credit Union will lower their rates to 4.8 % for amounts under $75,000 and 4.85% for amounts $75000 plus The 12-17 month is staying the same at 5.15% or 5.20% for $75000 plus Next The Must Have Docs ( a will a revocable trust an advance directive- durable power of attorney for health care are now readily available again after a total redo and update To purchase these $2500 worth of state of the art documents good in all 50 states go to They will be offered for $99 for a limited time then they will go to $199 If you already own them just go back to your program and update the new version for free I'll talk more about this on Sundays podcast

Posted by Suze at 2024-05-31 14:16:29 UTC