So yesterday morning I woke up at 4.30am with a horrific toothache - we flew back to Florida where today I got a root canal The reason Im sharing this is BECAUSE I have been telling you forever to go to to get a dental savings plan (DSP) Our DSP plan is with Cigna through and we bought that plan cause our dentist takes it. There are many plans you can choose from Our plan costs $180 annually for the family plan which includes me and KT and if we had kids (which we don’t) it would have included them as well and there is no waiting period Now take a look at my bill that I’ve posted Without the DSP it would have cost $2025 With the DSP it cost $1166 My DSP saved me $859 or almost 4.7 times what the DSP plan cost. That is an incredible return on our money if you ask me Check it out - just saying

Posted by Suze at 2024-01-19 00:48:32 UTC