Also as you all know I really like Keith Fitzgerald- and told all of you to read for his 5 with Fitz email (it’s free) In today’s email he talks about PFE which is a stock I also like and have mentioned on the podcast It’s also a stock that is being obliterated. Which is why you slowly dollar cost avg into it with money that you do not need for at least five years Remember all money in the market is money you don’t need for at least five years. But here is what Keith wrote Pfizer could be the buy of the decade Shares are definitely in the doghouse but, honestly, that’s nothing new. Revenue has been falling and shares are down -47.93% over the past year as Covid-related demand wanes. (Read) Yet, in the same breath, bullish options traders have had a field day this week now that the regulators have approved the company’s $43B Seagen acquisition; 95k+ call options crossed the tape Monday/Tuesday according to sources and my own eyeballs. Doesn’t faze me one iota. The markets tend to flow in long cycles with specific stocks and sectors falling in and out of favour over time. This is simply one of those times when companies like Pfizer have lost their luster. Tech was here or, err, there last year. MyPOV: History shows very clearly that the best time to buy companies like Pfizer is when others have kicked it to the curb. The short-term lottery mentality that has taken over exacerbates the perceived weakness and price action. People perceive that as a threat but it’s really an opportunity. That too is usually an engraved invitation to buy… but you won’t know it until some time from now. Not to ruin your morning but keep in mind that the odds of a more serious, more deadly pandemic are 47-57%+ within the next decade with a higher risk for spillover events in areas like Sub-Saharan Africa or South Asia that are least prepared to contain ‘em. Pfizer could be the buy of the decade at these levels.

Posted by Suze at 2023-12-13 23:43:57 UTC