Listen it is absolutely possible that if the PXD deal goes through there is still a possible price target of 260 for PXD However it is just as possible it will not go through I have never been one to try to sell at the very top or buy at the very bottom A nice profit is a nice profit It’s up to each one of you to decide what to do. There is no way that I could know your personal situation. Whether you sell some or all of it or keep it either way for most you of you this stock was and still is a winner. Bottom line for me I would use any spike in the stock as a reason to sell and move on All I ask is don’t become an investor that says IF ONLY I had held on to it -IF ONLY I had sold it Look at what you have NOT at what you could have had IF ONLY If you start to think that way you will make big time mistakes in the future And yes I still like Devon- this war in Israel effects the price of oil I have said in the past I think seeing oil at $100 is possible I do hope I’m wrong on that however

Posted by Suze at 2023-10-09 17:14:28 UTC