Market Update 3/3/23 The SPX has held up near support of 3933 so don’t be surprised to see some upward movement through early next week, then we could see a nice pull back. Bitcoin and Ether are below support levels next support is ~$20.3K for bitcoin and ~$1430 for Ether which I think they are heading for If you have money sitting in a bank or Credit Union earning less than 3% APY consider moving it to Alliant Credit Union with the Ultimate Opportunity Savings account paying 3.10%APY or take advantage of their 3 or 6 month Certificates paying 4.85% APY and 5%APY respectively or look into short term treasury bills. But keep your safe money working for you . Make sure you listen to this Sundays podcast to really understand how interest rates work .

Posted by Suze at 2023-03-03 14:40:12 UTC