One more fabulous Certificate update Many of you are seeing that the maturities listed on the Alliant website for the 3 month Certificates read 3-5months and for the 6 month Certificates it reads 6-11months What this means is - are you ready for this - that you can choose not just a 3 month for 4.85% but you could also if you wanted choose a 4 month and or a 5 month certificate and all would give you 4.85% The same for the 6 month You can lock 5 percent for 6 months or 7 months or 8 months or 9 months or 10 months or 11 months So if you wanted you could put at least $1000 or any amount above $1000 in a 3-4-and 5 month Certificate each at 4.85% and also a 6-7-8-9-10-and 11 month certificate all at 5% and have one certificate come due every month after the 3rd month You can open these special SUZE follower certificates in any combination you want I think this flexibility for many of you is really fabulous and something you won’t find in many other places Also remember if you need monthly income from your money , rather than a dividend paying stock that fluctuates and only pays dividends quarterly or a tbill that does not pay monthly income at all -these certificates allow you to take the interest out monthly I still think a three month and six month combination is all you need but it’s nice to have a choice These are just a few of the surprises that we have coming up for all of you this year ❤️

Posted by Suze at 2023-02-28 05:58:43 UTC