So for those who have listened to todays podcast you now know that we have decided not to offer Treasury Bills through your Ultimate Opportunity Savings Account. (UOSA) The reason being, it was just too complicated. It did not pass the KT test where everything she does, has to be easy to understand and simple to do. So because Alliant CU knows how important this was to me, they came up with what is a fabulous alternative for many of you. Starting around March 1st just for those with the Ultimate Opportunity Savings or Checking account you will have an easy way to purchase 3 & 6 month Certificate of Deposits . Minimum purchase is $1000 THE RATES ON THESE 3 and 6 MONTH CDS WILL TRY TO MATCH THE RATE ON 3 and 6 MONTH TREASURIES. Something that I doubt you will find anywhere else. With that said, however, I want all of you to understand the main difference between Certificates of Deposits and Treasuries. When it comes to the interest paid, Treasuries are state income tax free, and Certificates of Deposits are NOT. So for some of you, Treasuries will still be the way to go. However, for those of you who are in a low income tax bracket or live in a state that has no state income tax or you just can’t figure out how to buy treasuries or just want to leave your money in your UOSA —-then these CDs that are being offered to you by Alliant are a great and easy alternative ❤️ Now you know ❤️

Posted by Suze at 2023-01-29 17:07:37 UTC