Market Update 12/6/22 The S&P reacted just like I anticipated as we talked about on last Sundays podcast Dec 4th 2022 On that podcast we talked about the resistance level of the S&P - now let’s talk about the S&Ps support level - Initial support is near 3914 - if it breaks through support level and stays under it for about two weeks - then the next support level is 3505 So be careful here for this week Now - someone wrote me and said Sundays show stressed her out - for aren’t you all just suppose to dollar cost averaging and not time the market ? I’m not timing the market and I don’t believe in timing the market I wrote her back and said yes if you have years on your side But for lump sum investors -before they invest all their money or those wanting to do Roth Conversions with stock they want to keep or those that want their money safe and sound and not in the market and wondering when to sell - It’s imports to know a few things about the market ENERGY- WTI CRUDE WTI CRUDE has come down to $74.45 It broke it supports level of $75 next support is $70 As long as it doesn’t break that support level for more than two weeks on a closing basis we should be ok —I am expecting WTI to rebound and if it does energy stocks should be ok DVN goes X dividend Dec 8th —if you don’t own it before that date you won’t get the $1.35 Div per share paid on Dec 29th

Posted by Suze at 2022-12-06 17:34:14 UTC