Okay for those of you who are requesting my stuffing recipe here we go I box of Pepperidge Farm herb seasoned stuffing - box contains two 16 Oz bags Olive oil 4 full sticks of salted butter One large yellow onion Garlic bulb Celery a whole stalk 3 large eggs Box of bells seasoning Salt Pepper One large bowl for stuffing mix One small bowl to mix eggs One large sauté pan for olive oil , garlic , onions , celery , butter , bells seasoning Chop up the onion and celery and in a large sauté pan sauté them with lots of olive oil and crushed fresh garlic cloves The more olive oil and garlic the better Add a quarter box of bells seasoning to the onions and celery mixture as it is cooking Next add 4 full sticks of salted butter to the onions and celery mixture under a low heat While all that is cooking Empty the box of Pepperidge farm stuffing mix into a large bowl In a smaller bowl crack open three large eggs and mix them up. Next add the eggs to the stuffing mix as if to coat all the stuffing cubes Add another quarter box of Bells seasoning to the stuffing and mix it all in Now pour carefully the onions and celery and butter 🧈 over the stuffing mix It will be hot so be really really careful - maybe use a soup ladle to do it Then you need to use your hands (or another utensil ) if it’s too hot to mix it all together I squish it with my hands so that the stuffing is one with the butter onions celery etc Just be careful fir it will be hot Now season to taste It might need more Bell seasoning or pepper or salt Now either stuff your turkey with it and cook it right with your turkey or in a side bowl put it n the oven about an hour before the turkey is done It will be the best stuffing ever 🤞

Posted by Suze at 2022-11-20 15:04:38 UTC