If you want to take advantage of the Socially Responsible Checking Account first, and now want to take advantage of the Ultimate Opportunity Savings Account promo, you can contact Alliant and they will append the Ultimate Opportunity promo to your savings account. If want to do everything online which I recommend without the extra hurdle mentioned above, it's better to open the Ultimate Opportunity Savings account first, by going to MyAlliant.com then do Socially Responsible Checking by going to MyAlliant.com/good This way you are eligible for the $100 on bonus on each account . But if you haven’t done either yet you can do both and get a $100 for each if you just follow the rules If you already have just the Ultimate Opportunity Savings account and did not open the socially responsible checking account yet you can and get another $100 bonus by following the rules Also Alliant does not do a credit pull when you open a checking account, they only do a ChexSystems check.

Posted by Suze at 2022-08-30 13:56:54 UTC