So I cant do a podcast flash for a bit bit I did prerecord Sundays podcast on the student loan relief for there is something I want you to hear about that no one else is saying. But will be back on Sept 1 with Asksuze and KT anything but any flashes on the market will be made on this app That’s why everyone should download this app Tell them Todays stock market comment Todays action on wall street is something I have been telling you all about . I told you inflation is here for awhile and why dollar coast averaging is the way to go and Fed Chair Jerome Powell reinforced that today by saying “While higher interest rates, slower growth, and softer labor market conditions will bring down inflation, they will also bring some pain to households and businesses," And that did it !!!! Conserve Conserve Conserve I’m so happy our energy picks have held up for you but even if DVN or PXD declines that just increased your actual dividend yield when you buy it cheaper. Pioneer Natural Resources PXD Share Price 7 Day 1 Year 257.38 6.4% 69.7% Upcoming dividend of US$8.57 per share Eligible shareholders must have bought the stock before 02 September 2022. Payment date: 16 September 2022. Payout ratio is a comfortable 66% and this is well supported by cash flows. Trailing yield: 13%. Within top quartile of American dividend payers (4.1%). Higher than average of industry peers (4.4%). Just be careful out there and fingers crossed because of what Powell said today for another increase for the Ultimate Opportunity Savings Account - Time will Tell 🏻

Posted by Suze at 2022-08-26 22:15:53 UTC