On today’s podcast, I explain how Inflation has not peaked and that’s why the stock market went down again. I also school you on CPI-W and how that effects all collecting Social Security. Also I list past podcasts to help you easily find really important Suze Schools for these times. And once again I rant about Joe Namath and Medicare- Advantage. Here are the past podcast episodes I mentioned: March 27, 2022 on Short Term Interest: https://bit.ly/3xktgal April 17, 2022 on Series I Bonds: https://bit.ly/3zwSi8R May 1, 2022 on FDIC/NCUA Insurance: https://bit.ly/3OenT3z May 22, 2022 on Conserving: https://bit.ly/3MNboul May 29, 2022 on T-Bills, Bonds and Notes: https://bit.ly/3O5oGUg June 20, 2021 on Annuities: https://bit.ly/3QdLAup November 15, 2020 on Medicare: https://bit.ly/3mBXnoO

Posted by Suze at 2022-06-12 09:02:50 UTC