On this edition of Ask Suze (and KT) Anything, I answer questions from Women & Money listeners Lisa, Alisa, Beau, Catherine, Gabriel, Tammy, Kim, Ruth and Erin, selected and read by KT. This week’s questions: What is the best way to start buying stocks? With a potential market downturn, should I move my money into a savings account? What is the best way for me to buy out my soon to be ex’s half of our condo? Can you explain the modified AGI limit for traditional IRAs in 2020? Can I withdraw my original contributions from a ROTH IRA? If one of our beneficiaries gets married, do we need to update her name in our will and trust? Does adding my husband’s name to our home title, reset the clock for how long we have lived there? I live below my means and am thinking of buying a home. With some of the money that I have saved, should I put that towards a down payment, take my daughter and grandchildren on a cruise or keep the money safe and sound? We are in our mid 50s and our parents are in their mid 80s. Should we stay in the market? This week’s Quizzie: Does the Five Year Rule apply only to ROTHs or all IRAs?

Posted by Suze at 2021-05-06 09:02:51 UTC