On today's Ask Suze (and KT) Anything, I answer questions from Women & Money listeners Deborah, Jackie, John, Bryson, Lisa, Jen, Deb, and Desiree selected and read by KT. This week’s questions: I have a big mortgage and a sizable tax bill. How can I fix this mess? How can I save for retirement, when my current job doesn’t offer a plan? My parents live on Social Security. What is the best way for them to live off that and what they’ll make from the sale of their home, while they rent a smaller condo? My mother is being financially abused. What can I do? Should I get an annuity to generate income during retirement? Should we pay off our mortgage or stay in the market? What is the best fund to open for a grandchild? How can I save money to afford the dental work I need? This week’s Quizzie (submitted by Amy): Should I use my savings to pay off my credit cards, ro transfer the balance to a lower interest card?

Posted by Suze at 2021-01-28 10:02:30 UTC