A few things I want you to know about the Ultimate Opportunity Savings Account. (UOSA) TEMPORARILY UNFREEZE YOUR TRANSUNION CREDIT REPORT BEFORE YOU APPLY WHY DOES ALLIANT NEED TO CHECK YOUR TRANSUNION CREDIT REPORT Listen Alliant is doing a soft pull of your credit report to protect you from Fraud. – we don’t want a fraudster opening an account in your name. VERIFYING YOU REGISTERED FOR UOSA After you complete the application and you are accepted you will NOT SEE it indicated that you have the Ultimate Opportunity Savings Account. PLEASE DO NOT WORRY. YOU HAVE THE CORRECT ACCOUNT. YOU WILL SEE THAT IN FUTURE COMMUNICATIONS. WHO PAYS THE FOSTER 2SUCCESS FEE The $5 fee to join Foster to Success in order to be a member of Alliant IS PAID BY ALLIANT NOT YOU WHY YOUR ACCOUNT SHOWS 0 PERCENT INTEREST You need a MINIMUM of $100 in your account at all times to get that .55% that that Alliant is currently offering. That is why it shows 0% interest. After your first $100 deposit that will change to .55%. TRUST ACCOUNT We are working on a solution for Trusts accounts Stay tuned CAN YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE ULTIMATE OPPORTUNITY SAVINGS ACCOUNT You can only have one account in your name to get the $100 and you have to be a first time member of Alliant RATE OF RETURN If you deposit $100 a month for 12 consecutive months and at the end of 12 months you get the $100 bonus that equals a 16.7% yield. Not bad. See why I call it the Ultimate Opportunity Savings Account. WHEN THIS OFFER WILL END Due to the incredible response to the Ultimate Opportunity Savings Account we are now announcing that the UOSA will be available till March 31st 2021. Please tell as many as you want about it. IF YOUR APPLICATION IS PENDING HOW LONG BEFORE YOUR HEAR FROM ALLIANT Due to the high volume and large number of people taking advantage of this offer, if it says your application is pending, you should receive an email from Alliant in 3-5 business days.” MAKE SURE YOU SELECT E-STATEMENTS You heard me say there are no fees on this account and that is true as long as you select E- STATEMENTS. If you select paper statement there is a fee of $1 per month so don’t do that. IF YOU NEED HELP Alliant offers a comprehensive help section and a way to contact them online on their website: https://ww2.alliantcreditunion.org/ultimate-opportunity-savings#faqs If you have questions about your application status you can call them at 800-328-1935. Call center hours: if you want to apply over the phone Alliant team will help you apply M-F, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. CT.

Posted by Suze at 2021-01-10 22:18:41 UTC