On today's episode of Ask Suze (and KT) Anything, I answers questions from Women & Money listeners selected and read by KT. This week’s questions: What is the best way to bring up a prenup? Should we move in with my parents, so we can rent our house for two years and pay off our mortgage faster? Is my monthly Social Security benefit taxable? Can I take Social Security at 68, pay it back and then take the full benefit at 70? What kind of CD Ladder should I get? What should we do with a substantial amount of money we inherited? Will I be taxed on the Regular Minimum Distribution on my IRA, when I take it at 72? This week’s Quizzie: If you could have a guaranteed wish of A) More money B) More health or C) More time with your loved ones, which would you choose?

Posted by Suze at 2020-12-24 10:02:41 UTC