On today's Ask Suze (and KT) Anything edition of the podcast, I answer questions from Women & Money listeners selected and read by KT. We'll hear from Elizabeth, Shirley, Maria, Tom, Joan, Heidi, Delie and Ashlynn. Plus, a special quizzie from Ada that you get to ponder. This episode's questions: I have a BFOCX, should I sell it or keep it? Can I name a non-US citizen as a beneficiary? Do you have an opinion on umbrella insurance policies? Do you have any advice on buying into an IPO? What do the numbers mean, when the Dow Jones index reaches a certain level? Should I help my son pay off his credit cards? What type of retirement account should I get, as a Sophomore in college, if I want to buy a home in seven years?

Posted by Suze at 2020-12-03 10:02:50 UTC