On this short and sweet edition of Ask Suze we dive into questions from Susan, Erika, Erica, Alicia, Christina, Rosie, Tess, Jen, Anonymous, Julie and ROTH Confused covering the following questions: Should I invest money I received as a gift or put into a high interest savings account?I co-signed a former friend’s car loan. That person defaulted and had the car repossessed. My credit is now negatively affected, what can I do?As a single mom, should I authorize my three year old daughter on my credit cards to help her build good credit?Can I still collect my deceased ex-husband’s Social Security?I opened a UMGA / UTMA account for my 17 year old son. Was this the right account to open?How can I avoid paying capital gains tax on a home I own and rent out?Can you recommend a good ID theft insurance company?I am looking for some more clarity on how I should contribute to a ROTH IRA.Should I continue to give to charity, while I am paying down my credit cards?Why do you recommend waiting four to five months before funding a back-door ROTH IRA?Can you explain what the five year ROTH rule is?

Posted by Suze at 2020-10-29 12:49:10 UTC