On today's Ask Suze I answer questions from Women & Money listeners (as read by KT) Tracy, Kierra, Grant, Katie, Sam, Diane, Brijesh, Sue, and Debbie. We cover the following questions: Should I pay off my student loans and timeshare with the money I’ll make from the sale of my house? Do you have tips on how a young person can save money? Will I lose any compounding interest by moving a TSP to a ROTH TSP? I have opened separate ROTH IRAs. Can we no longer contribute to my husband’s company-sponsored ROTH? What documents should non-married, romantic partners have to own a home, together? I am a widow drowning in debt. Should I take out a mortgage on the home I own outright or dip into a 401(k)? How can I stop being bullied by my daughter, to send her to an expensive four-year Veterinary school? Will I get more money if I wait longer to take my Social Security? Should I pause on finishing college to pay off my debts? If you have a question you want me to answer, you can share that in the comments below or submit a question through ASK SUZE.

Posted by Suze at 2020-10-08 12:29:30 UTC