Today’s podcast was interesting for me for sometimes it’s hard when the world just seems so upside down to figure out what to say. There were so many ways to go with that s theme - making what we think is impossible —possible. For its hard for this theme can go both ways. Normally you tend to think it’s impossible to get out of debt, have and 8 month emergency fund, fully fund your retirement accounts etc - but yet with effort and grace you make what you think is impossible possible. But on the other hand you also tend to think it’s impossible that you can get sick, be in an accident, get a divorce, or suffer the death of a loved one—- etc etc —and then something happens and you realize what you though was impossible was possible (and really probable) after all. So that’s why I say this theme can and will go both ways. Just something for all of you to think about and then take action to create the possible and to protect and be prepared for the possible.

Posted by Suze at 2020-10-04 15:09:47 UTC